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Brick Pavers Of Orlando Inc., is a local family owned and operated paving company, specializing in the installation and sealing of old fashioned red brick pavers, travertine pavers, interlocking pavers, thin pavers, and natural stone.  We do complete site work and hardscaping, from demolition to final inspection installs for driveways, walkaways, pool decks, patios, parking lots, and historic streets here in Central Florida.  We also resurface and re-tile pool decks, excavate and install retaining walls with drainage systems, and clean and seal pavers of all types.

We are a fully licensed and insured company, staffed to meet the demands of any type of residential or commercial project.  Our number one priority is your satisfaction with your paver installation. We aim to bring every customers vision to reality, and increase the value of your home or commercial property at the same time.

We are also certified for specialty brick paver installations, including interlocking pavers with permitted french drains, thin pavers over existing concrete slabs, flagstone and natural stone masonry, and permeable brick paver resurfacing.

Brick Pavers Of Orlando Services:

Driveway Pavers

We install and repair brick paver driveways, install thin paver driveways over existing concrete, and standard residential and commercial driveway paving.

Patio Pavers

Create a new patio or beautify an existing one with thin patio pavers, interlocking brick pavers, stamped concrete, or even tie in with existing walkways.

Walkway Pavers

Brick paver walkways, complete with concrete curbing, stepping stones, tied into travertine lanais or pool decks are an excellent way to increase the resale value of your home or office!

Retaining Walls

We offer complete site demolition and excavation services, sea wall and retaining wall installation with earth grading, and landscape architect approved hard-scape retaining walls with proper seal coating for acid runoff resistance.

Paver Sealing

Pavers looking dull? Have them refinished by a three step deep cleaning and sealing process, or protect your new paver walkway or driveway with a brilliant shine sure to last years and years! Includes pressure washing, refinishing, and seal coat.

Pool Decks

There's no better way to enhance your pool deck than resurfacing with travertine tile, travertine pavers, slate or stone decking, thin pavers, or interlocking brick pool pavers. Certified contractor surfacing and sealing, complete with a refinished guarantee.

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  • Do You Install Brick Pavers If I Already Have Them?

    Yes, we can give you an estimate for the labor of your project, and any additional materials if you have already purchased your pavers from a wholesaler here in Orlando.
  • Do You Repair Brick Paver Driveways?

    Yes. Not every customer needs a complete demolition of their driveway. Very often we can excavate any nearby roots that may be causing an issue with your paver driveway, and then reinstall the existing pavers.
  • Can You Install Brick Pavers Over My Pool Deck?

    Absolutely! In fact, there are now thin travertine pavers on the market, and they install right over your existing concrete pool deck for added cost savings!
  • Can You Pressure Wash & Seal My Pavers?

    Yes it's very common for the Florida sun to dull the finish after a while. We offer paver pressure washing and seal coating services.

Customers Come First

We're different than most brick paver companies in Orlando, FL in that, we lead the industry by outperforming and exceeding your expectations. We offer high quality paver services, unmatched craftsmanship, and guarantee all of our work. We don't simply show up, give you an estimate, and then send in our subs. We're on every job, every time. You get to meet the owner, and your satisfaction is important to us. Take a look at our brick paver driveways and walkways to see how we can make your vision become a reality today!

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Rest assured knowing your brick paver contractor is fully licensed and insured, certified to install interlocking pavers, and has plenty of references from years of paver installation projects here in CFL.

Certified Paving Contractor - Brick Pavers - Orlando FL

There are many brick paver contractors here in Orlando, but only a handful really specialize in interlocking paver installations. Many paver companies do not have property liability insurance, and do not quality for commercial paving projects for office buildings and condo associations. We meet all of their requirements, and are happy to fill out your insurance forms prior to approval during your estimate.
We only use crushed granite base material, so the summer Florida rains never deteriorate the foundation that your pavers are installed on. This also helps to prevent tree root from uprooting your driveways and walkways as much as possible. With high end sealants for your paver sealing, you can be sure the finish on your brick paver install with last for years to come against the harsh Florida sun.